About me

when you are ready to start Making an impact

I believe entrepreneurs are fabulous forces of nature with an ability to change the world in amazing ways. Entrepreneurs have so much drive and determination but in a pressured environment the reasons why we start a business can get lost and stress take over. I believe there is a better way of running startups. A way to connect our passion and purpose with a healthy company culture to drive the mission forward and I want to help you do just that.

As a Startup and Mindset Coach I work with entrepreneurs and professionals that want to change their mindset to be braver people, better leaders and to increase the impact they are making. My clients know that they have more to give and want to reconnect with their strengths and passions.

I am a passionate, fun and positive person. I’ve always enjoyed helping and supporting people around me and that is what my love for coaching grew out of. I believe curiosity, fun and insights are the key to making changes to our mindset and behaviours. To motivate ourselves to change we need to feel excitement about who we are and what we would like to achieve. I love building connections with people and work to provide an encouraging and positive space where you can explore who you want to be. I began training as a coach in 2014 and facilitate changes using various coaching tools, loads of curiosity, passion and compassion.


Overcoming my own depression and social anxiety years ago provided me with insights into the negative thought patterns we can get stuck in and made me committed to finding ways and tools to shift and improve our mindset. I am a big fan of positive attitudes, personal development, new experiences and anything that can teach me something new about people, myself and life!

I have eight years of experience working with entrepreneurs. From managing startup competitions, organising training sessions and various events for hundreds of attendees to managing an Incubation space for high potential startups. I left my job as Incubator Manager in June 2017. I was responsible for the support of 40+ startups at the time and as exciting and rewarding as that was I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact. Coaching has had a massive impact on my life and the lives of the individuals I have coached and so I decided to take the plunge to see more people connect with their purpose and take charge of their lives.

As a trained business and career mentor I also volunteer to support young people through programmes with City, University of London.


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