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about me

I'm a passionate and playful coach helping to bring out your most confident and authentic self as a leader.

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Hiya, I'm Lotta!

I love supporting people to expand into those challenges that feel on the verge of impossible. Those shoes that feel a little bit too big? We'll figure out how to step into them and own your space!


There is no one else in the world with your unique perspective and your voice is needed. Having gone through my own ups and downs I know it can be hard to fully embrace ourselves and our quirks. Coaching can be such an effective tool on that journey. When we start to embrace our quirks as strengths, and those of our teams, we move closer to our potential and feel so much more fulfilled through our work.


As a certified Coach I've undergone extensive training to ensure the highest quality coaching experience for my clients. I have a fun and playful approach to personal development and bring a wealth of experience to my coaching practice having worked with hundreds of clients across various industries, including Healthcare, Finance, and Media.


I've had the privilege of facilitating leadership development programs across the globe for organisations such as UCL, Salesforce, Maersk, and IF. These experiences have deepened my understanding of the challenges facing today's leaders and the skills needed to navigate complex organisational landscapes. I'm passionate about helping leaders develop the awareness, mindset and behaviours they need to thrive and build strong empathetic and impactful teams.

Want to see how we could work together?

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