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Passion and drive are amazing forces. They can also be overpowering at times if we don't stay connected with why we are doing what we are doing, and how we want to be while we do it.


With so much time spent on refining and perfecting our work we often forget ourselves in the process. What if we could strive to be at our best and lead at our best?

We are brilliant at testing concepts, evaluating progress and tweaking ideas when it comes to our work. I help you do the same on an individual level, to make sure that you grow and develop yourself to lead in a more productive and purposeful way.


WHat I do

I work with Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to change their mindset to become braver people, better leaders and to increase the impact they are making. I help clients: 

  • Build confidence and emotional intelligence 

  • Improve relationships and communication

  • Strengthen vision, focus and leadership skills

  • Establish a healthy work culture and increase productivity


By increasing awareness of what is important to us and tapping into our strengths we can tackle the limiting beliefs that hold us back and focus on building better lives and businesses.

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1-2-1 Coaching

To get rid of that stuck in the hamster wheel feeling the three month programme will get to the bottom of what is holding you back. We will shift your focus to who you want to be and how to get there!


If you want to make sure your company culture is on point. That your team has a clear purpose, vision and ways to handle any bumps in the road, this is for you!


Lotta helped me structure my mind and get my priorities right. She helped me break down my goals in a tangible way and set goals that progressed my work. I am making progress in a speed that I wasn't before!


Creative Director

Coaching helped me see that certain habits and thoughts were actually stopping me from progressing and reaching my goals.Coaching helped me see that certain habits were actually stopping me from progressing. After learning how to switch my habits and thoughts I became more aware and focused on reaching my goals.


Art Director

  Enterprise is incredibly competitive. To be at the top, you need a coach that is open and honest and willing to hold you to account to get to the best that you can be.


Managing Director


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